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Chunky Wool Pom Pom Hat

Keep that noggin warm with a cute little pom-pom hat! The wool artisans bring yarn from sheep from the mountains of Nepal and New Zealand. Then spin it on a machine, dye the woolen yarn and distribute the woolen yarn to the knitters.  All of the sweaters and garments are made by women in Bhaktapur, Patan, Panipa and other outskirt regions in and around Kathmandu city.  Most of the women are Nepalese housewives whose main priority is to do all their household tasks like cleaning, cooking, washing and taking care of their children and family.  The women are busy all day but in their few hours of free time, they like to knit garments as the skills have been passed on to them for generations.  Each garment takes an average of four days to complete!

~ Handmade with love in Nepal ~