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Multi Colored Felt Garland

Ten foot garland with assorted felt balls measuring 2cm each.

A new twist on a best seller! These cute and colorful felted ball garlands are sure to brighten up any room in your home. Perfect for a holiday tree, doorway, window, or even a classroom. Adds the perfect amount of fun and that pop of color to brighten your day. CBA

Netra Basanet learned strong fair trade business practices from his uncle, Hari Basanet, the founder of CBA.  By shadowing his work at CBA for many years, Netra witnessed the benefits of long term employment, fair wages, and worker development funds.  He assisted in creating open lines of communication between management and producers while calculating fair, livable wages. In 2016 Netra decided he wanted to establish his own business.  With Ganesh Himal Trading’s support, he worked diligently to create new items that complemented CBA’s products while Ganesh Himal worked to ensure the size and frequency of orders placed with CBA did not change.  Today, Netra employs 12 women and Ganesh Himal has been delighted to incorporate this community into our fair trade family. Netra’s venture is a wonderful example of how accountable, long-term business relationships can encourage growth and development within communities and the global market.


Nirmala Dhital from Nurakot, sews the garlands