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Tall Ceramic Taper Holder

The Association for Craft Producers (ACP) is a fair trade organization that provides design, marketing, management, and technical services to low income, predominantly women, Nepalese craft producers. Meera Bhatterai, founded ACP in 1984, with a vision to pay women directly, teach them how to price their work so as not to be exploited in the market & ultimately to give women a greater voice. Today, because of ACP, nearly 1000 women from 15 districts in Nepal have the opportunity to become more financially independent, and have gained more credibility in their communities through the production of their crafts.

The impact of ACP is extensive and has empowered women across Nepal:

• For many women, producing for ACP has meant breaking the constraints of a patriarchal society and gaining control of the money they earn.

• Most producers at ACP were denied education as children due to poverty and cultural constraints. Now, financially stable and with assistance from ACP’s girl child education fund, many are able to send their children, especially daughters to school and even on to college, breaking down the cycle of generational poverty.

• Working conditions in Nepal are often poor, lacking proper ventilation, with leaking roofs and rough mud floors. Projects led by ACP have changed workshops into healthier, cleaner spaces. These changes have affected the health, productivity and morale of ACP’s producers and has given them a greater sense of self respect.

• Before working with ACP many producers had never visited a doctor, known their constitutional rights or had a bank account.  ACP prides itself on providing these benefits and more to all producers.  For these Nepali families, access to medical stipends, health and dental camps, interest bearing savings accounts, and retirement, is life changing.

Ganesh Himal has been a proud partner of ACP since 1986 and is consistently one of their top 10 buyers. Working in partnership with ACP on design and marketing we help to create a growing fair trade market free of exploitation.