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Our Mission

Moxie is a beautiful little fair trade boutique with three full time employees on the Oregon coast.  We support hundreds of women’s cooperatives, non-profits and village groups globally by buying and selling a beautifully curated selection of clothing, jewelry, housewares and gifts.  We are storytellers who connect cultures and craft with the modern market, and artisans and makers from many backgrounds including deep disadvantage and human trafficking with living wage jobs and the American, mostly female consumer, our customers.
Our Vision:
We at Moxie envision a world where the people and the planet matter more than the almighty dollar. We envision a world steeped in justice, support, creativity, storytelling and heart connection. We envision a world in which women are safe and all children have the right of education. We envision a world where our great mother earth and her animals are honored by being kept clean and thriving. We enjoy being the David to the Goliath of corporate greed and we enjoy gently and joyfully educating about a better economic system that creates safety, justice and connection for our global family and our mother earth.